Equatic Spa

Equatic Spa

Our mission is to provide our equine athletes with the best chance to optimize recovery, physical health, and mental health. We strive to provide exceptional experiences for the horse community through the integration of quality care, attention to detail, education, and top of the line facility and products. We are committed to the rehabilitation of horses as well as provide cross training for our top equine athletes.

We have put together an excellent team of skilled professionals and horsemen that with access to our unique facility with aquatic training and therapies create an invaluable asset for the west coast equine industry.

Equatic Spa Hanna Mauritzson

Hanna Mauritzson

Hanna Mauritzson, owner and creator of Equatic Spa, started to ride at an early age in Sweden and educated herself through the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

Hanna also worked in top competition and breeding stables in Sweden and Germany before moving to the US where she competed and placed at 5* Grand Prix level and international 1.60m World Cup competitions. With the love for the horses and always wanting to give back to our equine athletes, Hanna searched for a way to help and care for the horses.

When talking to top riders all over the world, she found that many of the top riders had their best equine athletes participate in aquatic training as a part of their weekly fitness and training routine. With a lack of nearby resources, the incredible journey to create Equatic Spa began.

Hanna Mauritzson

Dedicated Team

Each staff member at Equatic Spa, from property maintenance and stall cleaners to our equine hydro therapists, grooms and management, are all dedicated to the mental and physical wellness of our equine athletes. We understand that each and every horse is different and our team makes a tremendous effort in seeing each horse individually to help improve its wellbeing, physical health and fitness.

The effort our team puts in to ensure each horse returns to their owner in the best shape possible is remarkable. We are proud to be a part of each horse’s journey and we thrive to help each horse live and perform to their fullest.

Our excellent team and our unique facility with aquatic training and therapies, create an invaluable asset for the west coast equine industry.

Thank you to everyone that has supported or been a part of Equatic Spa over the years, all hard work contributing to the creation and development of this very unique facility has brought it to be the paradise we can enjoy today together with our equine friends.