Equatic Spa

Nicky and Jordan winner of the 2021 250K 4* GP at DIHP

“Swimming Jordan with the Equatic Spa team is hands down on of the reasons she was able to win the 4* Grand Prix at DIHP this year. It helped with her fitness, her muscle development, her cardio health and breathing and also aided in her recovery between shows. The team and facilities are second to none, the Equatic Spa will always be part of Jordan’s program when we’re in California.”

-Nicky and Paige Galligan
Proffessional Riders/Trainers
Nicky and Jordan winner of the
2021 250K 4* GP at DIHP

“Having been an elite myself for over 30 years I know what it takes to stay as injury-free as possible. That’s why I believe it’s so important to have a well-rounded training plan in place that includes looking at your horse’s strengths and weaknesses and addressing them. That’s why I love the Equine Spa’s Underwater treadmill, it’s not just a great rehabilitation tool it should be part of your overall horse’s wellness plan because it’s a great way to cross-train just like I did as a triathlete. Plus the potential benefits of increased range of motion in the lower limbs, increased lumbar flexion, decreased impact shock, improved posture, core, and hind limb muscle development.”

-Michellie Jones, OLY AM

Olympic Silver Medalist
Ironman Certified Coach
Hall of Fame – Sport Australia Hall of Fame
ITU Hall of Fame
Triathlon Australia Hall of Fame
Ironman World Champion

Michellie Jones, OLY AM
Kiki Appel

“Everything about Equatic Spa is an amazing experience and a great way to get your horse fit! Also the horses love their spa time. I want to thank everybody at Equatic Spa for taking such great care of my Peach! His weekly swimming and water treadmill sessions have improved his top line tremendously and made him overall very strong and fit. When I’m not able to ride I can always trust he gets the exercise and care he needs to be ready for the horse show!”

-Kiki Appel
Competitive AA Showjumping Rider

“My experience at the Equatic Spa has far exceeded my expectations. Their level of professionalism and care for your horse is exemplary and a rare gift in the equine industry. As an FEI Dressage trainer and rider, I have a very hands-on approach with my horse and the horses in my care. I have never once had a worry when leaving a horse at the spa because I know they have the same attention to the details in horse care as I have been bringing my Grand Prix horse, Uiver, to the spa for several months now. The improvement in his muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness has been remarkable. In order to stay competitive at CDI Grand Prix at the age of 20, I know that I have to give him the added edge of greater fitness. Weekly trips to the Equatic Spa is now a pleasant part of our routine. Uiver loves to swim and the Aqua treadmill and he deserves all the wonderful pampering he gets from their outstanding staff.

I highly recommend the Equatic Spa to anyone needing to rehab their horse from an injury or wanting to enhance their horse’s fitness without added stress to their legs.”

-Terri Rocovich

USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist
USDF L Judge, Graduate w/ Distinction
USEA ICP Certified Trainer
USPC Level IV National Examiner

Terri Rocovich
Victoria LaCagnina

“We sent my client Moe’s young horse, Jaxxon to Equatic Spa for 30 days after an incredible first year of showing. We wanted to give him a break from riding and give him something fun and different to do while continuing to build up his top line. He came back this week and all I can say is wow! Thank you Equatic Spa for taking such great care of him. He feels refreshed, looks beautiful and we can’t wait to get back to the show ring at DHPI 2021. If anyone wants their show horses to have a little downtime while still maintaining their fitness this is a wonderful place to send them.”

-Victoria LaCagnina
Owner and trainer at Storia Stables

“I cannot say enough good things about Swede Equine and Equatic Spa. Hanna and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and attentive. My horse swims there at least once per week. Swimming has helped him improve overall strength and fitness. He has been able to develop and maintain more muscle composition and flexibility. He has improved in his jumping ability and shoulder movement. It also gives different mental stimulation keeping training exciting and fun. It reduces his chances of musculoskeletal injury due to strengthening his tendons, ligaments, and muscles without added pressure and force on his joints. I highly recommend Equatic Spa to keep your horse strong and fit or for rehabilitation of an injury.”

-Jen Montgomery, MD
Amateur Rider and Owner

Jen Montgomery, MD
Donnelly Gillen

“After deciding to move abroad with a horse that was nearing the end of recovery from an injury I was thrilled to find Aquatic Spa for her month-long quarantine. Levi was well cared for and kept happy and in work on the Spa’s aquatred, pool, and eurocizer. The staff adeptly introduced her to swimming. I did not have to worry about a thing, be it feeding, clipping, or shoeing. Hanna and her team kept me updated on Levi by sending me videos and text updates and they always called if they had any questions about her. The team responded to my inquiries promptly. All quarantine and shipping needs were handled by Hanna and my shipper with no effort on my part. I would entrust any horse with Equatic Spa and only wish they had rooms for humans too!”

-Donnelly Gillen

The Equatic Spa in San Marcos is the “Four Seasons” of equine therapy. Not only is the facility absolutely amazing, Hanna Mauritzson and her team are some of the greatest horsemen in the business. The Equatic Spa program revolves around the well being of each individual horse and the time it takes for them to flourish in their therapy. I have a very sensitive 13-year-old jumper, that is skeptical about everything new… he LOVED working in the pool. His swimming has helped loosen his neck and back, opened up his stride, and has improved his straightness. I now have my very large 7-year-old OTTB working on the water treadmill, which has improved his hind end immensely. He came to me very poor, and several hundred pounds underweight. He is a young, big, powerful guy and the team was very patient with him. His treadmill work has improved his push and stability behind as he gained weight and got stronger. My recently purchased 3-year-old WB I will be doing his training soon to build his foundation of strength and elasticity and I believe it is fabulous for their mental happiness as well. Every horse I own will be in a program at the Equatic Spa. When my horses are at the Equatic Spa, I never worry about their well being. They come back fitter, happy, and perform at their best after their therapies. The team treats each horse as if it is their own, and accommodates each horse, owner, trainer, and schedule always with the horse in mind.

Kindness, Patience, Results= The Equatic Spa.

Healy Henderson, Cardo, Murphy, and Baby Henry

Healy Henderson, Cardo, Murphy and Baby Henry