Equatic Spa

Horses naturally know how to swim and our pool is built to be inviting and safe for our equine athletes. We give the horses plenty of time to acclimate to give them the best experience possible. Some horses are more eager to get into the pool the first time, while others need to take time and explore more. With one of the best equine pool designs in the industry, the horses can go in and out of the pool several times in one session to learn from repetition without physically overworking themselves. It’s amazing to see how much they enjoy the pool after just a few times.

An equine water treadmill or aqua treadmill can seem a bit unnatural to horses. Letting the horse acclimate to the environment is important the first time. Most horses walk in nicely while others prefer to back in. Our Hydro Horse Water Treadmill has non-slip rubber matting and very long gradual ramps with padded walls for safety. Like any new exercise the water treadmill is introduced gradually by slowly increasing the workout time and a customized program is made for each horse to reach their goals of fitness, strengthening or rehabilitating an injury.

Each horse is different and some horses need more time than others to feel confident with their new training environment. Most horses do well with 3-4 days of continuous training followed by a break.

Yes, the horses can learn both which can be beneficial for their fitness or rehabilitation program. We teach them one thing at a time so it’s not overwhelming. Once trained in both the aqua treadmill and the pool, the horse can participate in hybrid conditioning sessions (swim & treadmill). We have seen great results in our competition, rehabilitation and young horses when both swimming and water treadmill is incorporated in their weekly workout routine.

Many top equine athletes in competition use swimming and aquatic training to improve weaknesses, increase cardio training and fitness. As an addition to their regular training regime the horses will gain several benefits and stay fit while resting their limbs. Just like human athletes horses greatly benefit from cross training to improve performance and prevent injury.
The water treadmill is heated and also has jacuzzi jets for additional therapeutic benefit. The entire water treadmill and ramps are also covered to ensure comfort in cold and rainy weather. Our large round swimming pool is not heated but stays at comfortable temperatures year around.
11 feet deep
Yes, the pools are kept up to human standards and both pools are chlorine to ensure clean and safe water. It has no dangerous effects on horses and like humans the horses get rinsed off before and after going in the pool.
Yes, you may visit your horse and watch your horse swim or treadmill by appointment. We value all our owner’s privacy and need a quiet and safe environment for our equine friends, especially the ones in rehabilitation. We will send updates with videos and pictures on their progress during their stay at Equatic Spa.
Yes, when horses have completed their initial training, they may trailer in for a session. Many of our local clients have their horses on a weekly schedule to ensure consistency in their training routine.
Not a problem, some of our best swimmers don’t like to go through water puddles.
Swimming provides many benefits to all horses whether they are rehabbing or they are performing a multi-discipline regimen. Because swimming is a non-impact form of exercise, it allows horses to develop, maintain, or improve their cardiovascular fitness while not bearing weight. Swimming also brings benefit to horses’ range of motion, muscle development, balance, and joint stiffness through the resistance of the water. The best part about the pool is the enjoyment it brings the horses, as it gives them a break from their routine exercise. Refer to the swimming page for more information.
Aqua Treadmill is a multi-purposed training tool that can benefit horses in building a top line, increase range of motion, and muscular strengthening with minimal impact. It is also proven to reduce rehabilitation time and provide a comfortable way to increase work load slowly and properly. Refer to the Aqua Treadmill page for more information.

Both swimming and water treadmill training can be helpful to add to your regular training program. Swimming greatly strengthens the horses back and increases range of motion and suppleness to allow for better muscle development and less back problems. The water treadmill helps develop the hind end and back muscles since the horse elevates his step and rounds his back. With the resistance of the water horses develop a stronger hind end that helps them collect under saddle and can further develop his topline.

Our team at Equatic Spa is experienced in working with top athletes. If they are here for rehabilitation, fitness training or just a break, they deserve to receive the best care. We will work with your team (veterinarian, farrier, groom and rider/trainer) to ensure your horse will receive the utmost care, necessary medications, therapies and training for their optimal health and well-being.

Yes, if your horse needs to transition from aquatic training to under saddle, have a customized program that includes both riding and aquatic training or just under saddle training, we can accommodate that. We have two enclosed arenas with premium GGT footing, a galloping track for both conditioning and walk/trot session and some smaller trails and walkways around the property to break things up. The arenas also makes it ideal for vet evaluations to monitor each horse’s progress.
Yes, we can customize a fitness program to help achieve your training and competition goals.
Yes, to shorten drying time we recommend to have your horse clipped. We can offer this service from our experienced staff. We can do leg clips, full body clips or anything in between at your request. Whether your horse is at the Spa or between competitions we can have them clipped and ready to step right back into the show ring if needed!
No, we have been working closely with our farriers to monitor any impact and changes from frequent use of the pools, we have found no signs of any changes but our hoof care is always managed carefully through nutrition, good farrier work and daily care.
Yes, we have an equine nutritionist from Purina Feed available to help ensure our horses receive optimal feed and nutrition. We offer this as an optional service at no cost for our clients.
Yes, we actually have 3 equine hospitals within a 30 min drive that can perform most modern diagnostics. We also have access to top equine veterinarians if you don’t have your veterinarian available close by and need a lameness exam, evaluation, x-rays or other routine vet care performed at our facility.
Yes, both swimming and water treadmill training is great to encourage symmetrical muscle development that can be hard to achieve under saddle and on land. We see straighter horses with more equal gaits to both directions after aquatic training. Horses with a weakness many times compensate with an uneven push or crooked body shape that can lead to a lameness if not addressed immediately, both swimming and water treadmill training can greatly help to strengthen their weakness and promote a sounder horse for the long run.

We have everything from young horses that have not yet been started under saddle, to top-performing Grand Prix horses, in all types of disciplines. We have had all sorts of breeds such as Warmbloods, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Andalusians, and Arabians that have all benefited greatly from aquatic training. Some horses are here to heal and rehabilitate, but the majority of horses are here to cross-train for strength and fitness.

All ages of horses may benefit from aquatic training. Young horses greatly benefit from aquatic training as it helps them get stronger and prepare for the early on stress in life from the first years of training. Muscle development that helps support the weight of the rider will reduce the strain and concussion on the spine, bone, tendon and ligaments, this can greatly reduce future injuries and setbacks. Our most seasoned horses do more and more aquatic training to reduce impact while staying fit and flexible so they can keep going without injuries and enjoy a longer career.
Your horse might benefit from an adjusted diet during his rehabilitation. Even with a lower workload the body needs protein and essential vitamins and minerals to help build and repair muscle, skin, and other body tissues. Protein also helps fight infection, balance body fluids, and carry oxygen through the body. Hay alone is many times not enough to provide your horse with the nutrition needed. As we have partnered with Purina feed we have a nutritionist on our team that can help us put together a diet for each individual horse.