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Different life stages, changing workloads and variation in the horse’s routines, all require a suitable diet that meet all nutritional needs for our equine athletes to reach their full potential and thrive.

Horses that are rehabilitating and not in full work, may not need as many calories for energy but require more proteins and vitamins to be able to heal an injury or wound and keep muscle mass to support the healing structures.

Equine Athletes that need to improve top line or other large muscle groups can only do so when given the building blocks necessary.
Equatic Spa has partnered with Purina Feed to give our clients access to an equine nutritionist and Purina’s research and feed to ensure we do all we can to help our horses thrive.

What we love about Purina is that in addition to their highly researched and large variety of feeds, they also have fantastic high protein and gastric care supplements that can be added to any feed with amazing results! After we look beyond the basic nutritional requirements our favorite feeds are “Purina Super Sport” that is a pure protein feed and aids in muscle building, improving that top line and essential in healing to mention a few, and “Purina Outlast” that is ensuring healthy gastric PH levels that can help prevent Ulcers and keep gastric issues at bay.

As our client, we will make sure you get the help you need to create a good nutrition plan for your equine athlete working with the feed brand of your choice!

-How high your horse jumps may vary from his breeding,
but if he reaches his full potential is dependent on good feeding!

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