Equatic Spa

In order to help and enhance your horse’s respiratory health, we offer the extra services of the Nebulizer as well as a steamed hay feeding program through HayGain during your horse’s stay. With our top equine athletes in mind, we carefully select premium low dust shavings and good quality forage. Our barn isles are vacuumed daily and our walker and arenas well irrigated. The nebulizer is a simple compact tool to perform respiratory therapy by producing a fine mist of aerosolized medication that can help with coughing, nosebleeds, asthma, respiratory disease, and other respiratory conditions. There are various medications and also non-medicated solutions to use when treating respiratory conditions. Our steamed hay feeding program is used to reduce the airborne respirable dust that naturally occurs in hay, but can cause respiratory problems in your horse. Our Haygain hay steamer reduces 99% of airborne respiratory dust, mold, fungi, and bacteria in hay.

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